2015 Year Book

Five years from its initial product launch, AppDirect grew from a small team of ten to a global team of 500. Our challenge was to chronicle the exceptional growth of a company that humanized the experience of making it happen, and created a sense of belonging to anyone involved. Following the tradition of previous year books, Spectrum was given out as a bespoke token of appreciation to everyone that contributed to the growth of AppDirect.

Role: Conceptualization, Creative Direction, Design
Output: 7" x 9" perfect-bound book, 356 pages
Year: 2016
Notes: Work completed at AppDirect
The thematic centerpiece of Spectrum was the employee interviews. Projected patterns created a unique series of portraits that accompanied interviews that aimed to reveal the subjects’ characters and personalities.
A mix of candid photography and studio portraiture captured the people of AppDirect in both natural and unnatural environments.