Designer, Creative Director, and Team Builder Based in the Bay Area.

Most recently, I built the Dsgn Haus, AppDirect’s internal design team. This multi-disciplinary collection of creatives were responsible for AppDirect’s product design, marketing collateral, and internal communication.


My educational background in Interactive Media taught me how to fuse interactive theory and technology with the process of making art.

In the past decade, I’ve had a fulfilling career built on deconstructing the experience of merging art with the process of building interactive and inclusive experiences.


I’ve worked in agencies large and small, and most recently in the tech industry, where I served as Design Director at AppDirect for the past six years.

As a creative director and people manager, I combine the best of my in-house and agency experience to lead teams that are creatively unique and rich with design culture.


I’m ready to create the best work of my career, and looking to join a team that shares my creative vision and personal values.

I am excited to apply what defines me creatively—crafting narrative, building systems, defining aesthetics, simplifying the complex, learning through collaboration—towards solving meaningful problems.