UI Framework & Prototyping Tool

To maintain a consistent user experience across AppDirect's complex, multi-sided platform, we created Base, a living design system of UI patterns. Base evolved into our prototyping sandbox, where new features and concepts were rapidly developed and tested before being released to our live product.

Role: Conception, Creative Direction, Research, Design
Output: Living style guide, prototyping platform
Year: 2014-2016
Notes: Work completed at AppDirect
From mobile devices, to desktop browsers, to television screens, Base was designed to accommodate a wide range of use cases.
AppDirect's platform serves many unique audiences. User-friendly marketplace experiences for consumers and complex tools for technical administrators are defined by a single design system.
It was important to go beyond merely showcasing Base's design decisions, and to also explain the theory and html/css markup. This allowed more people throughout the company to use and contribute to Base.
The performance of Base was just as important as the visual design—custom tools used to assess the quality and speed of the codebase helped bridge the gap between prototype and production code.